History was made in Four ways:

First: Pastor Lee was in Michigan leading a revival, but was able to ride 50 miles and raise $150 from that church. What dedication!


Second: James Wakefield led the CUMC youth to ride 40 miles, on their own, the week before the Bike-A-Thon,  passing out Heifer flyers.


Third: 14 intrepid riders rode two distances, 25 & a hard 46 miles. Five support, led by Mark Kerr dragging the trailer, kept us fed, watered and kept track of almost got lost...but found her way back. Two youth, Tyler Blazer and Jacob Jones rode both the Bike-A-Thon and with the youth.


Since 2008, total pledges have averaged $8,200 per year. This year, with fewer people, we got $9,000.


GOOD NEWS: So far, $9,460 has been collected....more than pledged.


And Fourth: Six "Mountain Men Riders", led by James Hofmeister, spent the night camping on Mt. Diablo and rode down joining the rest for a triumphful ride to the church, with bells & horns blaring, to celebrate a safe and successful ending for #40.

At the Reunion BBQ, held at the McGuire’s, Connie George, Associate Director of Philanthropy with Heifer International, presented an "Ark" plaque to Wally Kresley. Wally has collected a total of $23,000 for Heifer over the last 10 years. A big thank you to Marilyn Forrey for organizing and handling our CUMC Heifer Sunday for many successful years.


Thus, the FORTIETH Annual Bike-A-Thon is history. Thank you to everyone who has ridden, supported, pledged and donated their time and money to make a successful FORTY YEARS OF BIKE-A-THONS.