Steve Mullins, Choir Director


I graduated from high school in Phoenix, Arizona, 1969.  Over the next twelve years, I participated with three different groups in three major nationwide musical tours, as well in South America, Norway and Canada as trumpet/bass player/emcee/vocalist/multi-media operator.


Received a BS degree in Choral Music Education from Arizona State University, 1979. Started a select vocal church group in 1971, and for several years, made many appearances in church and throughout greater Phoenix.


Held three church music director positions in Phoenix from 1976-81.

Moved to Walnut Creek in 1982, and held church music director positions in three East Bay Area churches, one in Vacaville, and a part time position as instrumental arranger/trumpet/bass player in Rocklin.


At every church, my primary emphasis has been on excellence in choral music production.  During five years at Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church, I was responsible for hiring five orchestras for Christmas Vespers performances, and, finally, organized and produced an Easter musical with full orchestra and 95 voice combined choir.


Over many years, I’ve worked extensively with select vocal ensembles, both with live and taped accompaniment.  On several occasions, I’ve produced large multi-media screen imagery for Christmas, Easter and patriotic choir productions.


Since early last year, I’ve been privileged to be the artistic director of the Ashmolean Singers, a select Rossmoor chorus, and, so far, we have enjoyed many fine concerts together.  For our Christmas concert, I hired a 26 piece orchestra.  Also, at Christmas, the Ashmoleans made two appearances with the Diablo Symphony, one of which at the Dean Lesher Center for the Performing Arts.

Steve Mullins, Choir Director

"At every church, my primary emphasis has been on excellence in choral music production."