This amazing food program feeds our hungry friends and neighbors each month. Please bring a can of fruit or vegetables, or maybe a jar of peanut butter, or macaroni, spaghetti -- any non-perishable food. OR if you have a fruit tree that is being generous, please share that as well. Fresh vegetables are good too.




SHARE is a non-profit organization where 99+% of any monetary donations go to the people it is helping. All work is done by volunteers. We thank you for your help in the past and ask you to continue to remember those who are having difficulty feeding their family. We don't want anyone to be hungry.



The “Thursday Group” Needs Help!


The “Thursday Group” consists of a small group (read this as two) of dedicated retirees who gather each Thursday to trim roses, and fix what we can (including lightbulbs, fluorescent tubes, minor electrical or plumbing).  But, WE ARE GETTING OLDER!


If there are any recent retirees, or those who are otherwise able to help,email the Church Office


or call 925.685.5260.


We are currently meeting every Thursday morning at 8:15-8:30.  We usually have coffee and someone brings donuts, following that, we fix what needs fixing. It is not necessary that you come every Thursday, although that is certainly desirable.  Accommodations can and will be made


Dave Atkinson



Thursday Yard Crew

Sunday School Teachers

Meals for Wheels

Vacation Bible School

Midweek Program

.....and so much more.


Other Mission Projects

Homeless mission: We cook and serve homeless people for the Single shelter, family shelter, and combined shelters. From October to April, we have Winter Nights to provide shelter for the homeless in this area in cooperation with other churches in this area. Once a year, we have memorial service for the homeless people who passed away that year.


Meals on Wheels: We deliver meals to the home-bound people when they request the service.


Heifer Project: We raise funds through Bike-A-Thon (about 10 thousand dollars a year) and buy animals for the poor farmers. Ox, Cow, Pig, Ram, Goat, Chicken, etc. will be purchased and delivered to the farmers.


Habitat for Humanity: We build houses for the people in poor areas in cooperation with non-profit organization Habitat for Humanity.


S.H.A.R.E.S: It is an acronym for Supporting Humanities, Arts, Recreation, Education & Sports in our community. We raise funds through our grocery shopping for local missions this way.