Worship with Us


Regular Worship Schedule

8 am Worship in the Sanctuary. **

This contemplative service includes weekly communion.


9 am  New Life Celebration, Oglesby Hall

9 am  Adult Sunday Schools


10:30 am Worship in the Sanctuary.

You'll be treated to a warm welcome and a meaningful message. Music is offered by our Chancel Choir.

After the 10:30 service, please join us for fellowship and refreshments in Oglesby-Close Hall.

10:30 am Children and Youth Sunday Schools



Our Nursery is open for the 10:30 Sunday services. It is fully staffed by:  Marilyn Forrey, Kathy Evans-Butler and Suzie Falk as back up. The Nursery will is open from 10:15 – 11:45 a.m. each Sunday.

If no wee ones have arrived by 10:45 a.m., the Nursery will be closed at that time.

Please remember that the Nursery is only for those who are “non-potty-trained”.

ALL other toddlers are welcome and encouraged to attend Sunday School.



**8 am Service

The second Sunday features our 8:00 am singers who love to sing the older and well known hymns. As it is great to share our love of these hymns with the congregation, we will ask you to come up front and join us. Only those who want to do this.


The third Sunday of each month is our hymn sing along which has proven well-liked by the 8:00 am congregation. If you have a favorite hymn or two, please let Jan Carpoff or me know the hymn titles as we would love to include it as one of the three hymns for this special time.


The last Sunday of the month is talent Sunday, e.g., if anyone in our CUMC family has a special talent which they would like to share with the 8:00am congregation please let us know. We are also inviting outside musical talents to share their music with us. This gives them an opportunity and to cooperate with other churches in our area as part of our community outreach program.


**9:30 am Service

Starting in March, The First Sunday of every month, there will be only one service for Communion Sunday.